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Resin Bound Driveways

Resin bound driveways are our specialty. They’re stylish yet durable and create an inviting look to the front of your home.

A resin driveway makes for a hard-wearing and easy to maintain surface that comes in a wide variety of colours and finishes to suit every domestic or commercial application.

As resin driveway specialists covering Devon and Somerset, we use only the highest quality resin bound products from our trusted supplies and come with a lifetime warranty. These top quality resin suppliers are used for all of our work – domestic or commercial – to create a long-lasting, welcoming appearance that will not only increase the value of your property but suit every style too.

What is a resin bound surface?

Resin bound surfaces are created using a mixture of natural aggregates and specially formulated transparent resin. This mixture is permeable when cured allowing water to penetrate through to avoid pooling or flooding, yet also durable enough to resist cracking. Once the mixture has been created it is then laid smooth over the prepared base at a thickness of approximately 20mm. The result is a highly durable, low maintenance surface that is non-slip, attractive in its finish and much more eco-friendly than alternative surfacing solutions.

10 Year Guarantee


The Resin Mill


Resin Bonded Ltd

Derbyshire Specialist Aggregates


Resin Bound Permeable Benefits

Anti-Slip finish

Applied by our trained installers

Surface course

Hand applied & troweled to a smooth finish by our trained installers

Base course

Laid by our trained installers


Laid by our trained installers

Capping layer

Depth varies depending on the quality of Sub-Grade


The native soil


Sustainable Urban drainage Systems

Glass Beading

Broadcast over the curing surface for added grip

Resin bound surface course

15mm typical depth for paths and walkways
18mm typical depth for driveways & traffic areas

Tarmac binder base coat

14-20mm open texture
50mm for paths and walkways
80mm for driveways and traffic areas


Well compacted Type 3 open graded hardcore with reduced fines
100mm depth for paths & walkways
150mm for driveways and traffic areas

Capping layer

Depth varies depending on the quality of Sub-Grade

Why choose resin bound driveways over more traditional options?

A resin driveway really stands out above more traditional surfacing options such as tarmac, concrete or block paving thanks to its cost-effective nature, range of choices, ease of installation and eco-friendly properties.

Cost-effective and low maintenance

Resin bound surfaces are both easy to install and easy to maintain when compared with other types of surfacing.

This means that not only will you be left with a beautiful end result, but you will have saved money from the start thanks to minimal groundwork being required – especially if you’re just making over an existing driveway – and you will continue to save money for the lifetime of your resin bound surface with little to no maintenance required.

We use only the best quality resin sourced from our trusted supplier that comes in a 50/50 well balanced mix – a mixture confirmed to be of the highest strength when compared to others on the market.

Colour – the choice is yours

Unlike tarmac or concrete that comes in one colour, a resin driveway can be created in all colours of the rainbow to suit your property style. Golden browns are some of the most popular finishes and pair beautifully with stone properties while darker colours are great for hiding dirt or tyre marks on areas that will receive particularly high amounts of wear.

In addition, all of our resin bound driveways are UV stable which means they won’t fade in sunlight.

Easy installation – no planning permission required

Resin bound surfaces conform to the Sustainable Urban Drainage Systems (SuDS) legislation which means that you will not require planning permission for your resin driveway. What’s more, a straightforward procedure for laying the resin mixture takes less time than other methods of surfacing so, especially if you have an existing base to work with, you can have your new driveway complete and ready to use in no time.

Eco-friendly design

Resin driveways are very beneficial in managing stormwater thanks to its permeable nature.

This allows rainwater to make its way down through the surface and into the ground below, whilst also being filtered through the sub-base of the resin bound material to reduce impurities from oils and metals before reaching the soil.

Glow in the Dark Driveways

Find your way home easily with the latest in resin driveway technology – glow in the dark resin driveways. At CDS Resin, we can create a resin aggregate that is as long-lasting, hard wearing and visually stunning as our regular resin driveway finishes, with added glow to make it really stand out.

The aggregate used to produce the glow at night is white in colour but can be mixed with any other colour of stone to create a design that suits the style of your home. As the sun shines on your driveway throughout the day, the aggregate absorbs the energy and radiates this at night in the form of light.

The glow in the dark resin surface can be used for your driveway or a pathway and offers a modern, exciting solution to being able to easily walk around your property at night without the need for motion detecting lighting or solar powered lights which often dim and die after a few hours.

A glow in the dark driveway or path is an eco-friendly solution which saves the environment and saves you money on your energy bills.

If you’re looking to make your outside space glow and want a glow in the dark driveway or glow in the dark path or patio, contact CDS Resin to make it a reality.

Is a Resin Driveway right for me?

In short – yes! There aren’t many products on the market that can genuinely say that they cater for the needs of everybody.

Whether you’re looking to refresh an existing driveway or create a new one, a resin bound driveway will easily remain clean with a little water and sweeping thanks to its anti-stain properties, and with such a range of finishing styles you’re bound to find one to suit your home.

Resin driveways are more financially viable than all other fit for purpose surfacing solutions which means you’re getting the best product for less.


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